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A Lament for the American Church

Updated: Jun 11

Hello everyone! I have been watching the election year ramp up. As you know, I don't cover politics very often. After reading a few headlines last week, my heart was honestly sick. I pen this piece with great lament. I know this will not be easy to read. I know I may even lose a few followers and readers. I am okay with both of those things. I love you. Read on if you dare.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this statement; Jesus is no longer the first love of the American Church. Some would argue He has never been the first love – another subject for another day. The Church in America has lost herself and in losing herself, she has found another love, an idol. She no longer cares as she once did for the widows, the orphans, the poor, the broken, and the lost. She is more mesmerized by a self-appointed political "savior" (her idol) then she is by the Savior of the world, Her first love. I've been mesmerized by idols in the past so I know what this looks like. All idols have one thing in common, they dazzle you with their show but they have no stay. Christian social media influencers, conservative media companies, and many pastors are all dazzled at this point. They are enjoying the show, and the importantly, the attention and power their idol pretends to give them. This power will come with the price of their souls.

The American Church continues to make excuses for this self-appointed political "savior" all the while never realizing her idol will use Her to get the very same power over her that bedazzles her now. Afterall, that is what idols do – they over promise, and take more than they ever give. I made alot of excuses for my idols. I have paid a heavy price for my idolatry. She has traded her character and compassion for political power and a cozy "Christian" American Empire. Cozy does not equal good or safe. This trade is all too familiar. The strange thing is, she does not seem to have learned anything from history. Empires have never really worked out in the past for most people - not even the ones in charge of them. All the empires of human history became oppressive, eventually fell into ruin, and didn't last. They have all found their way into dusty history books, as will the American "Christian" empire and the powerless cultural Christianity within it.

What will She do when all that is left of the little Empire she built for herself turns to dust?

What will she do when Her mesmerizing political "savior" is gone? I see a good chance of that happening and not just in theory.

Will she abandon this madness before it is too late? Will she turn away from Her idol and look upon the true King once again? Will She beckon her idol to do the same? He needs saving more than he knows.

I don't have the answer to these questions, and I know what I will do. I will pray for the American Church to see. I will pray for Her to turn her eyes back to her one true Savior and King. I will speak the the truth about this idolatry in my writing and with those who want to have honest, difficult conversations. I will speak with my vote (or lack thereof), my money, and my feet. I will keep my eyes on the King!

With love and lament,


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Thank you Mary!

Me gusta

Well said! I too share this same concern. 🙏

Me gusta
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