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Speak to the Darkness

Hello everyone!

This will be a heavy subject today but one worth talking about.

Darkness and light have no fellowship together, no effinity for one another. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to start speaking to the darkness in ourselves, our relationships and our politics. We have to call it out and call it what it is. We have to take the masks off. We have to stop making excuses for people and for the situations we have gotten ourselves into either knowingly or unknowingly. We have to hold our elected officials responsible for what they are doing and saying - from the lowest elected office to the highest one.

I believe that once you are wise, you must do something with that wisdom. Once the light has exposed something or someone, it must be dealt with, there is no going back.

This matters because I am sick of men and women dying spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally because we will not call out the unrealistic expectations, abuse, darkness and evil allowed in our relationships or even in ourselves. I am sick of the fear! For too long we have been told, under the guise of religious rules and by some of our churches, to stay in unhealthy relationships for "better or for worse" even if it is killing us literally and/or figuratively. For far too long, we have not taken responsibility for ourselves and our lives; and we have not let others take their responsibility for the same. We have let our politicians lie to us and run over us in the name of "Christianity" or something else, you name it.

Darkness has been allowed to pervade our relationships and even pervade in our churches under the guise of politico-religious beliefs and "rules and regulations" whether they be a political nature or Old Testament law. This type of darkness is dangerous to our souls, it is dangerous to our well-being and to the well-beings of our families and communities. It takes life, it never gives it. I want to be very clear here, political belief systems such as Conservative or Liberal ideology do not equal and will never equal Christian beliefs. They did not originate in the Bible, they orginated from people (probably well meaning people at that). I measure a belief system by the Words of Jesus. If it does not line up with His Words, then guess what? It's not from Him. Jesus is our living Savior. Our politicians and political belief systems are not our saviors. They did not die and would not die on the cross for you as a sacrificial offering, trust me. Nor would they have the ability to live again if they did. Our politicians are simply men and women used by God to further His purposes in the Earth - don't get the two confused. It is in this confusion that men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Yun, Osama Bin Laden, ISIS and many others have risen to power both in our lifetimes and in our world history.

Where darkness is tolerated in a society - the family, in relationships, in politics; greater darkness will come to fill whatever void is left over.

Speak to the darkness. Shine His Light into the dark places, not only of this world, but in your own community and family. It might be uncomfortable, it may even cost you your life. However, it will all be worth it and many people will see and be set free from evil.

I will leave you with Jesus's words in John 12:32 to ponder: " And I, as I am lifted up from the earth, will attract everyone to me and gather them around me.” MSG

We lift Jesus up everytime we shine a light into a dark place. Not only does He give Light, He gives life to all those who sit in darkness. I can promise you, they nor a society that encounters Jesus, will ever be the same.

Until next time,


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