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Five Ways I Would Fix The US and Our Foreign Policy: A Satirical and Not So Satirical Commentary on

Hello everyone! I am going to once again venture into the political realm but this time I'm going to make this a bit light- hearted. I know we have much going on in our country and our world right now. I don't have all the right answers, neither does our President or government but I thought I could as least try, in a satirical way anyway. I hope you will find this both entertaining and enlightening. I welcome your comments and thoughts and yes, I do welcome our President to read it.

1) Foreign Policy fixes: North Korea, Russia and Terrorism

North Korea or maybe I should say Kim Jong Un.

The world's strangest, fit-throwing, highly unpredictable grown up bully who looks like a panda bear half the time. His behavior is the result of someone never busting his butt - perhaps that would be a good fix for this one - a good over the knee butt-busting. Oh I know, Mr. Trump and the Chinese premier can host the butt-busting session! Believe me, it will be the Chinese, not America, providing his thrashing before it is all over. He's bad for their business. Sit this one out Mr. Trump and watch the Chinese take care of their spoiled prodigy (if you don't believe me see the Khymer Rouge and the Vietnam/Cambodian War).

Russia and Mr. Vladmir Putin (reminds me of a vampire).

Did Mr. Putin interfere in our comical elections or didn't he? We'll never know. Now is Mr. Putin to be trusted? Give it 4 years if that. Do KGB tigers change their stripes? The answer to that is a big emphatic No! Talk about another strange character! At least he looks good in a suit and can dress himself, and those blue eyes! If I didn't think they were the eyes of a snake they could be quite beautiful. His nose is quite fascinating too, just saying! Anyway, enough about his appearance. You are probably wondering how we could best handle him. 2016 Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina had the best idea but then again we weren't interested in her. She said from the beginning to mass troops on his eastern border in Poland since he has a propensity to enjoy taking back former Soviet block countries. I wonder why??? I happen to agree with her. Take note Mr. Trump. You may be facing down that well dressed tiger of a man before too long.

Terrorism and terrorists.

Those words. Foreign terrorism, domestic terrorism. It would appear we have a bit of both these days. The common thread is cowardice. Let's see, we have Nazi terrorists, Communist terrorists and Islamic terrorists. I have an idea Mr. Trump. Round them up and put them together in the camps they enjoy so much, the problem will take care of itself. They are, after all, spoiled sports of the worst kind and have more in common with one another than we give them credit for! I know! Let's put all the little birds of a feather on notice and let them know they will have to learn to live together in their beloved camps if they can't stop their nonsense! I know it's a bit much but it wouldn't take long for them to come to their senses after spending about a week in a camp with their ideological and/or religious opposites. And just think, they can scream at each other all they want and the rest of us won't have to listen to it!

2) Domestic Policy Fixes: Healthcare, America Divided (or so it seems)


They want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something similar it would seem only not so far reaching I believe, yet the little buggers can't get along long enough to sit down and talk about it. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem isn't healthcare but Congress.

I have some simple solutions for this and they aren't as funny as they are practical so I'll take a break from the satirical. One is insurance company reform that won't allow them to use pre-existing conditions clauses. Also medical pricing reform to drive down the cost of visits, procedures, medication and so on - after all, some of that is just greed. Health savings plans for people who want them, I have one, it works. And I suppose if you don't want insurance, you can save your money and pay out of your own pocket - no tax penalties for no health insurance - that is ludicrous and keeps the already poor even poorer and punishes those who just want to pay for things on their own. The only other option, at least in my mind is to let Congress raise your taxes as high if not higher than 50% if you want to keep Affordable Care Act. That is the only way national health care works. If you don't believe me look at the healthcare system in France and look at the French federal income tax rate.

America Divided.

Hmmm...the press (the right and left) would have us thinking we're just all messed up. I don't doubt some of us are, mainly the press and a few fringe groups like the ones I mentioned above. I'll take a break from the satirical here too as this subject is close to many people's hearts and I know people who have been victims of other people's divisive mindsets.

Do we still have racism in America in 2017? Yes ladies and gentlemen, we do. We may not want to see it but it's there and it has been an ugly stain for a long time. It is high time we faced it head on and put it to rest once and for all.

Do we have fear in this nation that may drive us to think the unthinkable and to perhaps do the unthinkable if we are not careful? Yes we do. A fear that our press has fanned as well as some of our politicians - both left and right. What can we do with this fear? We can cast it out with perfect love. We can cast out racism with perfect love. We can cast out division of all kinds with perfect love.

3) Human Trafficking: A Domestic and International Problem and a Different Kind of Evil

I'll again lay the satirical aside as this is no laughing matter. Human trafficking, both labor and sex trafficking is a US problem. As I have said in a past blog - in the land of the free and home of the brave we still have slaves. This slavery is also an international problem. We have this problem both here in America and abroad because there is a demand for sex with minors and cheap labor. There I said it, yes in America there is a demand from adult men for sex with minors, some as young as 11 years old. In other countries, the age can be 9 or even younger. These are boys and girls alike both in America and abroad. Does that make you uncomfortable? It should.

There is a demand for cheap labor, adult or otherwise, by greedy men and women alike.

These are the dark secrets of the world and of America herself. Although recent developments are making these ugly issues not so secret anymore. In fact, recent research and information have even shed light on the role pornography plays in sex trafficking. And you thought that pornography was completely innocent of such things and a totally separate, unrelated industry? Although never a fan of porn, I thought they were innocent or "legit" too, until a few weeks ago. I can't tell you what to watch in your home. I can ask you to think about whether you are really being told the truth when you purchase porn or rent it from merchants. And if you going to use or watch porn, I would ask you to ask tough questions of your merchants. After all, the merchants and producers of such things have a product to sell, if you will, and questions should be an occupational hazard.


Now Hear my Heart:

Ladies and gentlemen, we can solve many of our issues with love, love and respect as well as intolerance of evil, in all of its forms. Yes I was being over the top earlier in my blog, simply because I wanted you to see how far we've gone off center and honestly to vent some of my frustration with our political climate. Do we even recognize ourselves anymore? Does this nation even know who she is anymore? Whose voice are we listening to? These are the questions we will have to answer in the next few years. These are the questions we must even ask ourselves individually. These are the questions whose answers will determine how we handle both the domestic and foreign policy issues mentioned in this blog for the next 20 years. And it's not just up to our President and Congress, it is up to you and me.

I welcome your thoughts and comments, in agreement or disagreement and thank you for reading both my heart and my frustrations. I would also ask you to open your eyes and see evil for what it is - the slave master and chain wielder of the human soul. Evil takes the identity, freedom and dignity of all human beings regardless of race, color or creed and is no respecter of persons. Open your eyes America! Open your eyes and see.

Until next time,


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