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Happiness Is....

Hello everyone!

What is happiness to you? I want you to think about that this weekend. I want to take this blog and give you an idea of what happiness is for me and what it can be for you too.

Happiness is friends, family, love, passions, a beach walk and a mountain hike. Happiness is knowing I am loved by a God that won't change, He won't get bored with me or change His mind about me. He won't get bored with you or change His mind about you either.

Happiness is loving what you do and telling people about it. Happiness is knowing you have people you can trust and a God you can trust. Happiness is knowing what you want and what you don't want out of life. Happiness is not your "relationship status", happiness is the quality of the relationships you have.

Happiness is loving who you are and being content with who you are. Happiness is liking yourself regardless of whether others do. Happiness is contentment with where you are in life and trusting God to take you to the next place.

Happiness is not in material things, money, fame, or power. Happiness in not in the chasing of riches. In fact, I have seen these things take alot of happiness, not give it. I have seen many of these things go as fast as they come. Happiness is not in the opinion of other people or in the pleasing of other people. Happiness is in the loving of other people.

Happiness is many of the things this world does not desire yet they are the things we need the most. You can't be shallow and be happy, you can't be selfish and be happy. It just doesn't work. It wasn't designed to work. You can't chase temporal things and be happy. Happiness is found in the qualities in our lives, not our quantities nor our outward appearance.

I want you to think today and this weekend about your happiness and the things I have written about today. Are you trully happy? What do you need to do or change to be trully happy? What makes you happy? What do you think is making you happy?

Until next time,


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