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Taking a Break

Hello everyone!

I will be taking a break from blogging over this next week and a half as I go to enjoy a place not too different form the picture above. I am headed out on a cruise to visit the Western Carribbean and am very excited!

Blogs will resume the week of the 14th of August. I will also be doing an announcement either this week or the week I return for my next book signing! Stay tuned readers!

As always you can find my book The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In Between at; Barnes and Noble online, iTunes, (audio only), and the Kobo app, and Books A Million (BAM). I can do digital signatures for Kindle versions of my book or just because through - look for me at Elizabeth Rachel B.

In Canada, you can find my book at !; McNally Robinson Books and Russell Books.

Thank you readers!

Until next time,


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