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Starting a New Chapter With More to Come!

Hello everyone!

In a week and a half I start a new chapter in my life. After some time of healing and recovering from financial disaster in my last marriage, I am starting my own household again Labor Day weekend. I am excited and that is probably an understatement! I have bought some new furniture and have some wonderful decorating ideas for this place! I am centrally located to friends, family, my church and of course shopping. I am only one minute further from work. And I get to take my new kitten, Inky P (Pidge) with me too! God is so good! I could not have asked for better! Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who will be helping me Labor Day weekend!

I will also begin some volunteer work this next month, after a time of waiting and preparation, that has been near to my heart for quite some time. I can't wait!

No worries, I'll keep blogging and I will have more news for this Fall about my book! You can always keep up here or at my main website at or on my FB bookpage, The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Billingsley. In fact I need to write about my new kitten Inky P (Pidge). She is a character and a cutie!

I also have some other more serious topics I will be covering this Fall, everything from Confederate statues to relationship topics will be coming your way. God is continually giving me His words to say. As always I look forward to your thoughts - even if they disagree with mine.

Thank you to all my readers both of this blog and my book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Hope, Pain and Everything In Between. I could not do this without you! Feel free to connect with me on FB or on my book website!

Keep on shining!

Until next time,


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