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The Confederate Statue Debacle and the Real Ideologies Behind These Events

Hello everyone!

Well, here we are my fellow reader, more than half way through 2017. And in August 2017 we are seeing many strange, angry things take place in this country. We have also seen two ideologies emerge.

In the last few weeks we have seen groups of "demonstrators", and I will use that term loosely, marching and tearing down Confederate statues, among other things, whilst they "demonstrate." They are mask wearers who will not show their faces. They have torn down signs, busted windows and used spray paint to scrawl things on walls and other monuments. They identify themselves as the AntiFa (aka Communists) and in a few cases BLM has claimed responsibility for these happenings. This is actually akin more to vandalism and rioting than "demonstrating" but who am I? And the next question is why are they so angry and violent? What is the real reason? I can assure it is not Confederate statues, more on this later.

On the other hand, we've seen another group of "demonstrators" (Alt Right aka Nazis), again I am using that term loosely, carrying Nazi swastikas and other symbols of white supremacy including SS lightening bolts (I thought the Nazis were abandoning the swastika, apparently you can't abandon what defines you), chanting white power and calling for "One Race." They take pride in pretending to be peaceful and "law-abiding", unlike their counterparts who just tear things up and get it over with. They pretend to be "our friends." They pretend to be "concerned." The only "friends" they want are in their ranks and the only "concern" they have is for themselves. It makes for an interesting spectacle, these two groups. And it is that, a spectacle. Yet this 2nd group of "demonstrators" is just as angry and violent as the first, only they turn their anger and violence on their counterparts or other races of people, not inanimate objects.

So why go through explaining all that?

I explain all that so that you will see what is really going on here and it is battle between two ideologies that have plagued this earth before - neither have really gone away. They have simply waited in the dark, for their time until they saw fit to emerge to try and influence the American culture; just as they did in Europe in the 20th century. And in doing so, they have created the very havoc they intended. I guess we have to ask ourselves do we want a repeat of the 20th century? Do we want either ideology to reign in America? I can guess your answer would be no. I know mine is! I can assure you, you will not be free men and women under such ideologies. You will be slaves to a masters that will never be satisfied; and it won't matter what color your skin is, how much money you have or who you know.

Now I will address the Confederate statue debacle directly and then tie it into what I believe is a strategy used by these two groups hoping to control the American mindset in any way they can. In essence they are trying to see who will come out on top.

I can tell you tearing down Confederate statues will not change history nor will it make up for the wrongs of that generation of which slavery is one such wrong. Men like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson did what they did because they thought they were following the right path. They did not have or chose not to have the revelation to tell them otherwise. They would both later recognize the error in their choices. Let me put it to you another way, if the Confederacy had been ordained by God, it would have stood and so would its principles. It was not, therefore it did not, so any other argument is a moot point. So in essence these groups have accomplished nothing but make themselves look like violent vandals. History has already spoken, the Confederacy is no more. I heard a question and statement the other day that said the Germans did not build monuments to Hitler after WWII so why would we build monuments to men who represented the oppression of slavery? I can agree, they did not build them in honor to him but I can assure the Germans have reminded themselves in other ways of what they did, so they will never repeat those atrocities again. I do not know the exact reasoning behind erecting the Confederate statues but I can tell you tearing them down will not serve to remind us of what we do not want to go back to, it will only serve as a way to try and delete history. To delete or erase your history is to repeat it. This was a tactic of the 20th century Nazis and Communists in newspapers, books, art, etc. If you can erase a nation's history, you can rewrite it for them in even worse ways and without their consent.

And this ladies and gentlemen is how the Confederate statue debacle, and the "demonstrations" tie together. Erase their history, create havoc, create unrest, sow doubt and raise a political "savior" and the frightened people are sure to adore him or her and thus do what they are told. Look at Hitler's rise to power. Look at Lenin's rise to power. You will see the parallel's clearly. Fear, intimidation, doubt, historical deletion or change, identity confusion and utter oppression.

**Of note: As far as Black Lives Matter is concerned, I know of several legitimate BLM groups around the nation who do not condone nor mimic the antics of AntiFa. They fall in line with the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and do not practice violence and condemn supposed other BLM members or groups for doing so. Remember, the wolves always try to come among the sheep. **

Now, to close, I'd like to offer some solutions to this debacle. Let's stop putting up with these agendas, we need a "no tolerance" policy. Let's tell them they have no place here in this nation, both of them. Our national, state and local leaders must speak out against both Communist (AntiFa) and Nazi propaganda and their ensuing violent rhetoric and violent actions. Our law enforcement agencies and the courts must prosecute members of these groups to the fullest extent of the law, within constitutional limits and with fair trials. Our media must be held accountable, both right and left, for trying to sell us their lies.

Wolves among the sheep are not tolerated in America! Love already has you beat!!!

Writing from the heart of the matter,


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