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You Have Been Redeemed From Destruction!

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about redemption, the kind of redemption in freedom from abuse.

Jesus wants our lives to be free of evil. We can deduce then that he wants our lives free of abuse. I do not believe God expects us to stay in abusive situations or relationships. He does not court evil, I do not believe he wants us to either. The church has long stood in-between on this issue or given very bad advice - even advice to stay in abuse and "work it out." I believe the church is coming around to see the error in those messages to men and women. I believe growing pains are taking place and they are long overdue.

The bottom line is this, where there is no Jesus, there is no freedom. There is no Jesus or freedom in an abusive relationship. Jesus does not abuse us. He came to set us free from the things that bind us and abuse us. He comes to redeem us from destruction! Abuse and Jesus cannot co-exist! Anyone who tells you they can co-exist is lying. Any person who abuses you and claims to be saved, may be saved but there is an important caveate. Just like my late-husband who I believe was saved, they have not let Jesus do a much needed soul cleansing work and repair. They have wounds they have not let him heal and places in their hearts they have not given him. Instead, they have tried giving them to other people, only for that to disappoint them and promote futher abusive behavior. Jesus is neither in their abuse, nor the author of it. He does not condone it. I will also say here that using the name of Jesus, the Bible or Christianity in general to condone abuse of any kind is a lie! Do not be deceived!

I am here to tell you today that if you have left an abusive situation, are leaving one or have escaped one, you have been redeemed from destruction! Jesus kept you safe, despite what you have been through. He saved your life! I know he saved mine and made a way out for me, otherwise I would not be here writing this today. He made a way out for you too. He knows everything that happened and he sees you! He has redeemed and saved your children too! Now let me say this, leaving did require you to make a decision and take action. He honors our actions for right, good and justice. He has certainly honored mine and he will honor yours too.

Be free today! Allow His love to redeem you from the destruction of abuse, abuse you are not at fault for in any way. I assure you, He does not see you at fault either. Remember, He took all the pain in this world that was and is on Himself on the cross for you to be set you free! His love is redemptive. His love is gentle. His love is kind. His love does not accuse. His love is full of grace. Run into his arms today and be free! Make the decisions that you have to for you and your family and be free! The time is now!

Psalm 103:4 NKJV; (He) Who redeems your life from destruction and Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies...

He has redeemed your life from destruction!

Walking in his redeeming love,


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