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In the Darkness, You Will Be Devoured

Hello everyone!

What do you think of when you think of the dark? When you see today's photo?  This image reminds me of a pack of hungry wolves waiting in the dark to devour their next meal. 

When you live in darkness in your relationships, when you hide, you are inviting the same "wolves" to come and devour you. Those "wolves" are shame, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, and pain to name a few. They are always hungry.  They hide patiently in the dark, hoping you will come to them in an attempt to avoid pain and confrontation. Darkness and hiding may seem like a comfort for a time, but the "wolves" will come and you will powerless to stop them. They will isolate and destroy your heart and you. They will indeed devour you.  

Would those same "wolves" venture into the light? No! They would be revealed for who they really are! Shame, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, and pain can't stand the light! The light takes their power and pulls their teeth, and so it is the same in our relationships. When we bring our relationship and personal problems into the light, Jesus' light, He heals all things and the "wolves" have no power over us anymore. He is the wolf slayer! They can't devour us in the light! They are darkness dwellers whose power comes from darkness. They do not know light. It is only in darkness that you can be devoured.

I want to encourage anyone reading this blog today to bring your hurts into the light and love of Jesus.  The "wolves" can't harm you when you do and they will have no power over you. Jesus sees everything anyway and He is not afraid or ashamed of you. He is not afraid of the dark. He loves you! He will not throw you away! He wants to heal and restore you. Come to the light and live my friends! 

Come to the Light! 

Shining His light into dark places, 


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