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Upcoming Events for Wisdom’s Words LLC and Elizabeth Billingsley

Hello everyone!

I thought I would start this week’s blogs off with some event updates for myself and Wisdom’s Words LLC.

I will have book signing at Vintage Coffee House here in Oklahoma City on January 26th, 2019 from 10 am to 1 pm! I will be signing and selling my book The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love Pain, Hope, and Everything In-Between. This is my story of love, domestic violence, suicide and healing. I would love to meet you! You can go to, my main website for Wisdom’s Words LLC at, my Facebook book page The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Billingsley, or my Twitter handle @pianobeth1 for more information!

My 2nd book The Great Journey: A Story of Lorolaen, an allegory novella, will be coming out in mid-February. Please be watching my website, twitter account, and FB book page for a release party date and places you can purchase it. I have already started excerpt releases on my FB book page (in fact there is one tomorrow) and I did release the front and back cover on my FB book page and Twitter handle last week. I am so excited about this book! I have had this story on paper for over 25 years. I took my original story and built onto the plot to make it better rounded, more entertaining as well as inspirational. I hope you will enjoy it!

I will also begin rotating book signings at Vintage Coffee House here in Oklahoma City in late February/early March 2019. My website and social media will have additional information coming soon!

I also have two book signings in March 2019 I will be highlighting next month!

God is so good and my opportunities to talk with people and tell my story and share my new book just keep multiplying!

For those you don’t know, you can follow me on social media at my Facebook book page, The Road Less Traveled by Elizabeth Billingsley. I have a Twitter handle @pianobeth1 and I have a main website for Wisdom’s Words, LCC at – you can follow my blogs there as well as keep up with events and happenings.

I want to thank all of my readers and supporters! I could not have gotten this far without you! You are the reason I do what I do! You are much loved! Happy reading, Elizabeth

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