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A Meditation on Thanksgiving

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Happy brand-new day and week with opportunities if you don’t celebrate! We can all have a reason to be thankful no matter who we are or where we are today.

In preparation for Thanksgiving this week, I wanted to offer a poem/prayerful meditation of thanksgiving to all my readers:

We are thankful for all we hold dear

We know that tomorrow is never promised

This has indeed been a year of years

A year like no other

A year of sadness and tears

A year of hopes and fears

A year of unrelenting upending

A year of rearranging

Indeed, a year of years

A year of longing for better

A year of finding ourselves

A year of connecting

A year that promises a better time to come

A year that will soon be over

A year in which we are wiser

I say again we are thankful for all we hold dear

A new year of promise is coming soon

A year of jubilee!

Our course now corrected

We will be resurrected

And perfected!

Hold onto thankfulness

Hold onto gratitude

The end of night is near!

We say again we are thankful for all we hold dear!

Love to you and yours,


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