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America’s Multiple False “Gospels”: Part 1 of 2

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks. I had to think on this subject and pray. I can say so many things but I want to say what is right and true. This will be a two-part blog series. These blog posts will not be popular with some and that’s okay. I’m not here to be liked by everyone or be everyone’s favorite person. I’m past all of that. Please know what I put down on these pages is not intended to hurt anyone but to point you to truth of the one, true Gospel and person of Jesus Christ. I hope both Christians and non-Christians alike will hear my heart and the heart of Jesus for you in this writing. Some of you may be uncomfortable with this subject, but the time has come for discomfort and reflection in this nation, past time honestly. I will step on toes. I still love you. Let’s begin.

The “gospel” of the “American Dream”

I have heard this “gospel” preached since I was a child. “You can have it all! You need to build your portfolio, your power base, your empire! It is available to everyone!” The problem is, this “gospel” is based on greed, materialism, and self-centeredness. It doesn’t tell you to love anyone or look after the interests of others. It tells you to only look after yourself – that’s greed in nutshell. It is closely tied to the “gospel” of prosperity which I will cover shortly. This “dream” is also not available to all. In fact, this “dream” is out of reach to many as I write this. Systems in this country have made sure of that over that last several hundred years. The last I checked my Bible the true gospel of Jesus Christ was available to all. It does not look to the interests of self but to the interests of others. America, the “gospel” of the “American Dream” is a false gospel.

The “gospel” of Prosperity

This “gospel” is the Christianized version of the “American Dream.” It too is based in self-centeredness, materialism, and greed. Jesus becomes nothing more than a genie in a bottle and Heaven becomes a celestial exchange system. Again, there is no mention of looking after the interest of others, loving others nor pointing them to the King. This “gospel” is more concerned with the worship of money than worship of the King. The purpose of this “gospel” is much like the “American Dream”, to build an earthly empire. Ladies and gentlemen, your earthly empires will pass away when you do. They are of no account once we stand before the King. Jesus didn’t tell us to seek the Kingdom so we could be rich. He told us to seek Him and the Kingdom so we could bring others with us. America, the “gospel” of prosperity is a false gospel.

The “gospel” of “Biblical” Manhood and “Biblical” Womanhood

I sometimes wish the apostle Paul was here with us so he could correct the many misconceptions and misinterpretations of his words. He would waste no time doing so. This “gospel” is probably one of the most damaging preached in America today because it divides men and women into simplistic versions of themselves (that can be controlled)– not the whole persons they are in Jesus Christ. This “gospel” also traps men and women in roles that may not be their God-given fit. This “gospel” has its more modern origins in the first translations of the Greek into English in the early 1600s in Great Britain in a culture where men were in charge and they fully intended to stay in charge. King James of England was no saint and he controlled the Church of England and the interpretations that lent much to this “gospel.” One could also argue this “gospel” goes all the way back to the patriarchal culture of the ancient near East. This “gospel” has no place in the redemptive, new Covenant. Jesus Christ came to set things right between men and women and bring them into covenant together and with their communities to love and serve one another in leadership roles. The apostle Paul said “submit one to another.” He never once subscribed roles to men and women. Cultures throughout time (both pagan and Christian) have done this to men and women- this includes today’s America. “Biblical manhood” and “biblical womanhood” is a cultural subscription intended to maintain social control and create power differentials between men and women. Did you notice I have used the word control twice now to describe this? Control is as far from the gospel and person of Jesus Christ as it can be, so what does this tell you? It tells you that this gospel belongs to another. This “gospel” is the seed of many abuses and hurt both inside and outside the church. Jesus was the greatest liberator of men and I women in history! Why would be accept less? America, the “gospel” of “biblical manhood” and “biblical womanhood” is a false gospel.

The Heterosexual “Gospel”

I did not coin the term for this “gospel”, Jackie Hill-Perry did two weeks ago in one of her vlogs on Instagram (@jackiehillperry). I learn so much from her and I want to share it here and add my take away from her vlog. I will always give credit where credit is due and all the credit goes to Ms. Hill-Perry for opening my eyes to this lie.

First of all, Jackie has such a way with words. She speaks on the personal and the profound level like no one I have ever heard before. I hope to meet her one day and just sit and learn from her. Listening to her describe how the church portrayed the gospel to gay Americans broke my heart – she was on the receiving end of this more than once at that time. She described the heterosexual “gospel” as a “gospel” that would fix homosexuals instantaneously once they got “saved.” Not only would it fix them, they would suddenly want to get married to a member of the opposite sex (Ms. Hill-Perry has also spoken on the worship of marriage if you want to look that conversation up as well). Not only would it fix them and make them want to get married to an opposite sex person, they would never again have another homosexual desire or thought. This is not what the true gospel of Jesus Christ is about nor anywhere does Jesus nor Paul (Jesus’ representative who wrote most of the new covenant books) say anything about this type of thing. The true gospel of Jesus Christ as Jackie says points anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, to Jesus! And it is Jesus, not culture, not the church, and not a set of moral rules or opinions that works with that person through personal relationship; with love and truth to help them change whatever they need or want to change. It’s not about magically fixing anything or control over others. It’s not about working to “not be gay.” Jesus does not force heart or mind change. He doesn’t stop loving someone who is a gay nor does he want his church ostracizing them. Church, we’ve had this all wrong for years! We have been teaching a gospel based on behavior change and works to the gay community and it must stop! Works never saved anyone! America, the heterosexual “gospel” is a false gospel. Thank you, Jackie Hill-Perry!

I know I am just getting into the meat here. I want to end Part 1 of this two-part series here today. I want to give you enough to ponder without overwhelming anyone. Part 2 will cover the political “gospels” that are attempting to poison America’s heart and parts of our world. Many of these false political “gospels” work in tandem with the ones I have already discussed in today’s blog. Lies must be woven in and around one another to produce the desired effect, not unlike spider webs. What are spider webs designed for? To trap insects and devour them. Lies are designed for humans to trap them and devour them by an unseen Enemy. I would like to point out that I have found both spider webs and lies to become relatively ineffective and weakened once there is tear in the interwoven structure. The web continues to suffer damage as the spider (liar) runs for cover and it falls apart, becoming useless to said predator (liar). I intend to rip this interwoven web of lies apart if you haven’t figured that out already. This is what truth does, it destroys the lies and traps of the Enemy. The King has come to do this very thing!

More truth to come!

With love and truth,


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