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America, You May Be Worshipping Mammon If.....

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

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An Introduction to Mammon

Hello everyone! I have to admit today's topic will be a heavy one. I was putting notes together last night and I can tell you, I'm going to step on toes. I'm going to ruffle feathers. You might even unfollow me. All of those things are okay with me. Love doesn't lie. We've had enough lying over the last several years, much less the length of human history, to fill thousands upon thousands of pages and we'd never get to the end of the book. The creature I'm going to describe to you is very much alive and very much a power-hungry liar. For those of you who aren't Christians, you may be unfamiliar with the name Mammon (Aramaic). Mammon is called something else in the English language – greed. There isn't a human alive who isn't familiar with greed and who hasn't been touched by it in some way. My goal is to describe Mammon (greed) in such as way that not only do we see its work plainly in our nation, but that we also know we have a choice in whether we serve greed (Mammon) or not.

*Andy Crouch gave the best description of who and what Mammon is that I've ever read in this year's summer 2022 edition of Christianity Today magazine. He writes, “There is a name for this global system, the system that powers and is powered by the technological magic we all wield to some extent on a daily basis. It is an ancient name, and I have come to believe it is best understood as a proper name – that is, not just a generic noun but a name for someone. The name is Mammon.....Mammon is not simply money but the anti-God impetus that finds its power in money..... For Mammon does want something very much indeed, because Mammon is ultimately not at all just a thing, or even a system, but a will at work in history. And what it wants, above all, is to separate power from relationship, abundance from dependence, and being from personhood” (Crouch, Christianity Today, May/June 2022, 71).

I can't add to that description. It captures perfectly what I'm going to lay out in terms of what we're seeing (the symptoms) of Mammon worship in our nation today. I hope your eyes will be opened and that you will choose to resist and reject Mammon (greed), in all of its guises and deceptions. As we individually reject this evil, our communities will reject it - our communities will lead our states, and our states will lead our nation and its leaders in rejecting this cursed will. This won't be easy for us, for the roots run deep, but it will be worth it in the end.

A Nation May Be Worshipping Mammon If.....

I decided to write this part of the blog from the perspective of Mammon's imaginary

propogandist, an individual I'll call, Fiend. He is writing a congratulatory "letter" to America for all of her accomplishments and depravity. Please understand this is an allegorical-type letter and names, other than that of Lucifer and Mammon, are fictitious. Don't read into it more than necessary. Consult Scripture as always for a better understanding of evil. This "letter" will bite and it will be full of sarcasm – but you'll get my point and I hope you will take these things to heart. Remember, I love you and I want what is best for our nation and all her people - this requires truth and sometimes tough reality.

September 28th, 2022 AD

From the Office of Lord Mammon Inc.

Prince of the United States in the Realm of North America

Servant of Lucifer

Our Creed: "Do What You Will"

CC: Lucifer, Lord and Prince of the Powers of the Air

The Inner Circle of Nine

Lord Mammon, Prince and Master of Greed

The Dept for the Advancement of Hate for Women and Children

The Dept for the Advancement of Slavery and Victimhood

The Dept of Criminal Enterprise

The Dept of Debt

The Dept of Prison and Suffering

Dearest American child-nation slave,

Congratulations are in order from The Office of Lord Mammon Inc! Allow me to convey why I am writing you this letter today. We want you to know how proud we are of your cultural and political accomplishments on Lord Mammon's behalf. He can't thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to The Cause of Lucifer in this region of Earth! I will review in detail your accomplishments to date. Let us begin.

1) **First and most importantly, your country is the #1 exporter of pornography in the world! Congratulations! You are worshipping Lord Mammon at the expense of men, women, boys, and girls! Your nation's sex industry is making a lot of money and killing a lot of relationships! Pat yourselves on the back! You are outperforming all the competition! Your nation is responsible for the top 25% of the worlds' total online pornography and you are #1 in internet porn! Your nation hosts 60% of the world's pornography sites! In 2018, 43% of adults thought pornography was acceptable – that's up from 36% in 2017! Way to go! Our Dept for the Advancement of Hate for Women and Children could not have asked for a better outcome for their efforts! You are Lord Mammon's favorite child because of this fact alone! You have become adept at his best past time - destroying lives anyway he can as long as he makes maximum profit off misery. Give yourselves a hand! Awards forthcoming.

2) Sex trafficking and labor trafficking are rampant in your society – and human slavery of any kind is a frequent theme in your history! Congratulations again! From the days of slavery in early US history (and the white supremacy that drove it) to the sex and labor trafficking of today (and the porn and other supremist ideology that drives

modern slavery) – your nation has become quite adept at keeping slaves and valuing social hierarchy above everything else. Our Dept for the Advancement of Slavery and Victimhood wish to thank you for making this so easy! You have taken well to their teachings and refuse to repent of your sin. You pride is duly noted. Lord Mammon just loves your human contributions to his overall vision of depravity! He most enjoys it especially when “pillars of the community, the church and the political arena” take the fruit of his altar. When he has them, he has you! Three cheers for the USA!

3) Your nation's politicians won't fund projects or pass laws that help people from all walks of life because they know that the idea is to feign “fiscal conservation” of all money. Lord Mammon gets most excited about this practice because he knows they, like him, don't care about anyone but themselves, what they can accomplish, or what jewels they can put in their own little political crowns. He is fond of such politicians! He can count on them to be both stingy while at the same time feigning concern. He has gladly aided them and this letter is to inform them that payment is due. Late payments for aid rendered will not be accepted. Please send payment Immediately to the Dept of Debt. We are ecstatic that they love his altar and the power of the purse strings they carry (he gives them). He loves that they can't get enough! American politicians of 2022, you are his favorite people, whether you want to be or not!

4) Your nation has politicians who are not interested in restorative justice on any level. Lord Mammon loves these politicians especially because he despises restoration and justice, it's bad for business! Unlike their counterparts in #3 who might move to do something that makes them look good, these politicians won't do anything like that. They aren't interested in justice, they are just interested in arguments and they hide behind an air of concern while in public. He enjoys their acting skills as much as he enjoys their consistent homage to his unjust ways. Congratulations to a few of your distinguished American politicians! You have earned his favor! Pat yourselves on the back. He enjoys owning your purse strings and your minds! Don't forget payment is due! Late payments for aid rendered will not be accepted. Please send payment immediately to the Dept of Debt.

5) Disregard for human life and dignity is rampant, no matter what stage, age or sex. Lord Mammon adores this particular human condition and he congratulates America on arriving at this most desired place! You have worshipped him well over the last 40 plus years! Life doesn't matter to him and with enough money and power, you have been convinced splendidly of this as well! Not only does he adore the sex and labor trafficking your society participates in, he is having a ball with your political violence and lies you tell each other to condone such violence! He is cheering you on America! And he plans to award you accordingly.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot about on-demand abortion. That is quite the money maker too and he is proud of all your accomplishments in this area! You are actually leading the world! Some of you have certainly lined your pockets with his gold and wish to continue to do so. He also loves those who feign to care about abortion and poor, single mothers or women who have experienced a trauma but don't really because they don't want to spend money to help these women – there's one of his favorite characteristics again, stinginess. This tactic works because then there will be more abortions and he can line the pockets of the abortion industry that have taken the scraps from his altar since 1973. Congratulations on your apathy and 48 years of service America! You and your feigning politicians will be rewarded well! Oh and don't forget this new era where they want to jail women who have abortions! This will mean more money for Lord Mammon's prison system project. The Dept of Prison and Suffering will be ecstatic!

I must address your fascination with violence in media as this was my brain child. You have masterfully desensitized yourself to almost everything! You love of guns is so very gleeful and makes this under lord's heart proud! You are doing a splendid job with the gore, murder, sexual and other physical violence! Our Dept for the Advancement of Hate for Women and Children especially thank you for your efforts in this area as well as abortion. You make their job so very easy and they hope to continue to see progress so that all women and children are made slaves upon the earth once more - or at least in few regions of earth. Politicians of America, Lord Mammon (and his like-minded depts.) thank you for your continued support in this area as well, for without you, we can do nothing! We applaud and cheer the demoralization and destruction of women, men, children, and families of these United States! We look forward to further depravity.

6) Racism and classism are systemic, have been systemic and there is a history of one or both. America, you just keep making us so proud! Your extremist politics in

particular entertain us the most! We enjoy watching your greed and self-preoccupation

hurt your neighbors. We enjoy watching you hate one another. You serve Lord Mammon best when you are greedy, self-centered, and pre-occupied with American self-interest. Oh and the racism, that's also one of his favorites – especially when you pretend it doesn't exist. He is most excited that America's black community had to actually tell the rest of you that their lives mattered. He finds this development very promising and will continue to invest (along with like-minded, already mentioned depts. within his office) in your society where needed to make your arrogance and pride stand out even more. You are right where you need to be and he is proud of the following values: unrepentance, fear, lust for power, and eating the hate at his table and making money doing it! He plans to keep you focused on fear, hating one another, and keep your eyes off of the Gospel that can unite you in love – the opposite of greed. We hate love, and we hate the Gospel! He congratulates you on following our most sacred creed!

7) A health insurance system that makes all the decisions on what is getting paid and what isn't with no regard for the actual person. Ah yes! We're back to one of his

favorites, a disregard for human dignity and human life! He applauds America in making

its pharmaceutical industry and its insurance industry some of the wealthiest industries in the world – regardless of human suffering or death. You have served him well in this regard! Oh and he again congratulates America's politicians for helping in this endeavor! He most enjoys the underhanded ways you handle business and take favors from these entities – just like the good, little greedy children he trained. Give yourselves a pat on the back. If you never see healthcare as a part of basic human dignity, he'll be just fine with that development. Humans don't matter to him. They are just numbers on a page you feed to his money machine. America, you are really coming along in your homage to Lord Mammon and we haven't even mentioned his crowning jewel yet for your part!

8) Unnecessary or experimental surgery such as transition surgery on minors. Wow America! We are impressed! I don't have a lot to say here because you are already doing so well! You are willing to sacrifice babies and your older kids! ***He is loving the manipulative, money-making machine he has going with minor transition care! This was an undertaking with the Dept for the Advancement of Hate for Women and Children and I must say it is paying off in huge dividends! It didn't take much - just some extra confusion and delusion and you are trading perfectly healthy children for children who are hurting even more than they were before you transitioned them! Congratulations America! When you are willing to allow your children to be dissected and cut up for greed, you make Lord Mammon so proud! Perhaps one day we will even, with your help of course, erase the idea of "male and female" altogether - at least in this region. That is the goal anyway. We despise both men and women and we've done a pretty good job of convincing you to do the same. You are, after all, just little, fragile, underling humans who still have so much to learn about our ways! We take pride in further teaching you to hate all that is good.

9) Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking.

Our Dept of Criminal Enterprise sends greetings and thanks! American drug abuse and drug trafficking has gained more ground than we ever thought possible! Your love of individual substance use is commendable! You even allow our human criminal underlings to sell drugs to your children without much repercussion, once again defying all expectations! Their newest development, **"Rainbow Candy" is "all the rage" as you say, and one of our best ideas yet! The Office of Mammon Inc. has worked with our international counterparts in other regions to flood more drugs into your country than ever before. We appreciate your cooperation, especially that of your politicians who worship with all of their might. Our Dept for the Advancement of Slavery and Victimhood even convinced your politicians some 42 years ago to fight a "war on drugs" against your black communities under the guises of "cleaning up the streets and safety." Of course, we never intended to have you clean up the streets or make anything safe, we simply enjoyed watching you further our commitments to victimhood, racism, and classism which you have happily advanced without protest. We applaud your efforts and your undying devotion to Lord Mammon's objectives in your inner cities and on your southern border. We look for greater opportunity to partner with you in misery and death!

10) And now for the crowning jewel of all of your worship! Power is desired above all - over unity and love – in relationships, society, and politics! America, you have hit the jackpot! This is so you! This drives all the other accomplishments I have mentioned in my letter today. Between your politicians in DC, media and internet personalities, and the general division and pain in your communities, you have fully surrendered to Lord Mammon and we here at the Office of Mammon Inc and even Lucifer himself applaud you! Your politicians desire power over unity. Your minority communities are reeling from fear and distrust in law enforcement. The majority culture is also reeling from fear, delusion, and confusion. You have men desiring power over women. Your media outlets display fear, confusion, and delusion on a daily basis. You have media personalities who don't know which country they love most. You have Americans celebrating their confusion! Even the church's trust is in power in 2022! This will ruin their witness and cripple them! We win! These developments excite us! We have other diabolical plans for you but I won't go into those today. We congratulate you America 100 times over! You are our crowning achievement, the apple of our eye! Lord Mammon even received a commendation from Lucifer because of your efforts, and of course his!

I will close by saying we love to hate you, and we commend you for being such good slaves for such a long time.

Lord Mammon would remind you to “Come, eat and drink of power, for you will surely not die!”

Yours in the furtherance of wickedness,


A Hope

Can you truly imagine such a letter? Sobering isn't it, that this is all part of the worship of Mammon? Such worship does not bring clarity, it brings only pain and death (literally and figuratively); and yet at the this time, we seem content to eat the fruit of his table and worship at his alter. Technically speaking, we would deserve such a letter. This greatly troubles me. However, it doesn't have to be this way. We do have hope and thank God we don't get what we deserve. Jesus gave us a picture of this hope in the cross and in the Gospel that his followers would spread to the world so long ago – a Gospel that turned away from power and greed. We can choose to do what he did and what they did – turn away from power and greed. He would not worship Mammon. He gave us the opportunity to not serve two masters but One, the One who would change everything and free us all.

In Matthew 6:24 Jesus said this, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mammon (money). I speak to our politicians specifically now. I spoke the plain truth before because it was necessary. Now I implore you to hear my heart behind such truth and to understand. Please be fully aware that the nation follows you. Our communities, cities, and states follow you. Where you lead us, we go. What you condone, whether intentionally or not will be imitated throughout the country. Who and what you “worship”, we in turn “worship” in our own way. I implore you to turn away from power, and embrace unity! Turn away from greed and embrace love. Turn away from fear and control and embrace freedom and peace! Turn away from confusion and delusion and embrace truth! Turn away from disgrace to the grace that is freely given to us all! To every American, I implore you to turn away from hate, embrace love, and choose to walk in peace! We must all repent and healing will come. In doing this, we will all form a more perfect union from the smallest town to the largest city, from the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam - from sea to shining to sea we will return to our brotherhood once again.

Let us choose this day whom we will serve America!




* Crouch, Andy. As For Me and My Household, We'll Resist Mammon. Christianity Today,

May/June 2022, pg. 68-74.

**Internet sources:

***Please check out to learn about trans-activist Scott Newgent's work to shed light on the financial and physical realities transition surgery in children and teens. He has articles, refuted studies, and statistical facts you will want to read. He also blogs about these issues and shares his valuable experience! He can also be found on social media at: and on Instagram at

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