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I am not who you say I am, I Am Who He (Jesus) Says I Am

Hello everyone! First, an update for all for all of you.

My work in public health nursing during COVID 19 continues. I had to make the decision to suspend publishing books for the immediate future so I could complete my public health related obligations to the community. My poetry co-author, Linda O’Dell. will be determining how she will proceed with our manuscript. No matter what she determines to do, I will be sharing some poetry here and on my social media sites over the next few months. I plan to start my next larger book project, Lost in the Woods, after this pandemic is over; and yes, it will end. I posted a new short description of this book on my website last night at the bottom of my Intro section. I am glad I have waited to write it because the last two years have been full of excellent lessons and healing that will go into the heart of this new book. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it. My hope is that my words (His words) bring healing and hope!

Now to the point of today’s blog.

The point of today’s blog is very simple. I am who Jesus says I am. I am not who a friend or family member says I am. I am not what a job says I am or should be. I am not who a boss says I am. I am not who some random person on social media who has never met me says I am. I am not who a parent, grandparent, or teacher says I am. I will say it again, I am who Jesus says I am! Some of you reading this today are prisoners of who other people say you are – you have let others and circumstances determine your identity for far too long. The time has come for you to be free!

Now some of you may be asking “well who does Jesus say you are?” That is a very good question I am more than prepared to answer of you. I want to say here and now that who Jesus says I am can apply to you to. He is no respecter of persons. Jesus says I am:

Jesus says I am Righteous – not because of me but because of Him!

Jesus says I am His – He bought and paid for me on the cross with His blood, there is no blood like it! I am his Daughter, a daughter of the King!

Jesus says I am good enough and more – I am good enough and more because made me good enough through adoption as his daughter. I am the daughter of I AM.

Jesus says I am acceptable – He made me acceptable through his blood.

Jesus says I am loved – He has loved me and known me since the beginning of time before memory. He made me and thought of me before anyone else ever did.

Jesus says I am healed – I have watched this happen with my own eyes!

Jesus says I am called with purpose – only the One who has made you can call you with purpose.

I will say this to anyone now who has not heard me say it nor seen me write it before: if someone did not make you, bleed and die for you, rise again for you, redeem you, seal you, heal you, and call you – their voice has no place in your head or your heart. They do not get to name you or tell you who you are! The King calls me by name and no other! I am I AM’s!

My hope it that my words have shown into the darkness of your identity crisis today and you see that you too can be called by the King and no other! You too can be a son or daughter of the King!

Let no other call you by name! Accept no other name given to you by men, women, or your imagination!

Come to the King and be called! He is here!



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