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I See Hope on the Horizon

Hello everyone! As you well know, I won’t venture into politics very often on my blogs. Today, I felt an urgency to give you a message of hope, attached to no agenda except that of love. It has been almost a week since the election. All the votes aren’t counted yet and we still have a few more things to see unfold. However, it is clear to me who the winner is and who the winner is not. I know this has been a trying time for many. I know the last four years have been equally trying and confusing for many. I am here to tell you now, we have hope! I see hope on the horizon!

Are you saying that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris are our hope? No, I do not place my hope in any man or woman. My hope is in Jesus and His Kingdom. I do believe however, that Jesus can use and bring to leadership those who he needs to bring to that place to accomplish his purposes in a nation or the earth. We don’t have to agree with Him or like it, that’s not part of the deal. Remember, the purposes are His, not ours. As he made clear to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-14), He fights for Himself and He is on His side which is the side of righteousness, justice, truth, love and compassion. He does not participate in partisan politics because He does not have to.

I don’t know about you or how you feel, and this blog is in no way intended to rub salt in wounds, nor gloat, nor tell you how to feel. As I said before, this is a message of hope with no agenda except of that of love. I believe there was a hope rekindled in this nation on Saturday. A hope much needed in the midst of a pandemic. The sun seemed to shine brighter and the weather could not have been more perfect, at least here in Oklahoma. I saw dancing in streets where there had been rioting. I saw singing where there had been threats of death and fire. I felt a change in the atmosphere of our nation – a change I had prayed for and longed for these last few years. I can’t explain this to you in any other way. I felt a peace and a joy in this nation I had not felt in a long time. I only know this one thing, only the King of Kings can bring a change to the atmosphere. Only the King of Kings can bring a peace after an election where others said there would be no peace or threatened violence. I do not pretend to know all the things that God is doing but I do believe He has broken down something in this nation that has long haunted it, the evil of racism. Its power and those upholding it have been broken and it nor they will ever rise again. You here the word cancelled a lot these days. I believe that King Jesus has cancelled the evil of racism in this nation. He has brought His Kingdom of peace, justice, righteousness, love and compassion to America. Now the hard work begins, and only we can do it. Our politicians can’t make us heal nor stop us from healing. They are not the key to our healing; the love of Jesus is the key to healing.

For those of you who are afraid, I say to you, take heart! The King of Kings is near to raise, renew, rebuild, and restore the things that have been stolen and destroyed. For those of you who may feel defeated, I say a new day has dawned and we can all win together because of Jesus! For those of you who are full of joy, I say to you – be of good cheer and help others who feel afraid or defeated. Do not use this time to belittle nor to gloat – we’ve had our fill of that. We are all Americans together, even when we don’t agree. We are better together than separate. We are better whole than divided. And to our sitting president and our incoming president I say, be men of honor – for they each know what that means to them and for them in this hour.

Christians, I will point you to Romans 13 – for it is the truth and the grace for this time. For non-Christians, forgive us where we have failed you – for we too are human and prone to error. And most of all, let us all come together in unity– every color, creed, faith, and race, both male and female, for the King loves us all! For His heart's desire is that all would come to know him and none perish (2 Peter 3:9). He has met us here in this time, because He longs to see us whole once again. What the enemy intended for evil – for we saw this with our own eyes in our streets and towns – Jesus has defeated, turned upside down, and turned for our good. He is bringing life in place of death. He is bringing joy where there was once sorrow. He is bringing dancing where there was once mourning. The King has indeed come!

I will say it again. I see hope! I see His hope on the horizon. Take heart dear ones! The Kingdom of the One who heals is at hand!



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