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Letting Go

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know it was different this year for many of us for sure. This season continues to be a busy one despite COVID-19. My work in public health keeps me on my toes. Vaccine is coming! I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Jesus never ceases to amaze me. He picks the strangest times to do healing. One such significant time happened the day after Thanksgiving last week so I wanted to tell you about it. I was in the middle of decorating my Christmas tree when I came across some ornaments my late husband, Jeff, loved to put on the tree. Christmas music was happily blaring. I stopped and stared at them. I heard distinctly in my heart and mind, “Let Go.” For the first time in 6 years, instead of hanging all the ornaments on the tree we used to hang on the tree, I only hung the ones I wanted. I chose to let go of the ornaments I wasn’t interested in using anymore.

I continued hanging ornaments and my eyes drifted up to the memorial flag I had for my late husband at the top of my standing shelf. I had an immediate, peaceful thought, “It’s time for that to come down and be put away.” And it was time. Jesus knew it was time. I placed it in a tucked away, protected space where it will stay. I had not had a peace about removing it before that day. In its place, I put festive, joyful decorations. My late husband is no longer dead – he is very much alive with Christ! A properly folded American flag atop my shelf doesn’t enter his thoughts in the presence of Jesus.

When I finished hanging a small joy cowboy hat that I loved near the top of the tree, I heard “Let Go” again in my heart and mind and I saw my collection of photo frames, photos and for my late husband’s paper junk (for lack of a better word) flash into my mind. In that moment, I knew Jesus wanted me to let go of those things, things I had kept since 2014 or before. I was at complete peace as I finished my tree that day. Two days later on Sunday, I cleaned out the photo frames, photos, and junk and kept only what I wanted and what I believe honored the real Jeff in my life. I had thought of waiting until January; however, I felt a sense of purpose and a peace in doing it that day. I was ready! In doing so, I let go of some things that may have seemed nice to keep but were actually a part of the grooming he had done before we were married – things a man with a split soul says and sends. I can honestly say I am glad those things are no longer in my house!

I know this may sound miniscule to you and it may not seem like a big deal at all, but I can tell you it was a big deal to me. I had held onto what didn’t matter for too long and Jesus knew it. I let go of what didn’t matter Thanksgiving weekend and man was it freeing! I can promise you my late husband is not up in Heaven keeping track of what I keep or don’t keep nor what I display or don’t display. He is enjoying the presence of Jesus as a fully healed person; mind, soul, and body.

We humans like to hold onto things for various and sundry reasons – mostly because it helps us feel better or we don’t think we can do better than what we have at the present time. The problem with that is, when you keep holding on to one thing, Jesus can’t put something else in your hands (he won’t forcibly take anything or forcibly give you anything). When we hold onto the past or something that is harming us, we can’t transition to a new chapter in life because we think what we are doing is benefiting us but in reality, it is hindering our growth and Jesus’ plan for us. We are in effect stuck and we can’t go further until we let go of what we are holding onto so we can pick up something new. Why are we stuck? We are stuck because many times what we are holding is very, very heavy and we were never meant to carry it anyway. We get bogged down in the road of life in the muck and mire and in our own pain.

What I did not realize is those things I had kept from my past marriage - ornaments, junk, photos, photo frames – those were tied to emotional baggage I needed to let go of in order to allow for someone new to come into my life. Yes simple, everyday things like these can be tied to emotional baggage – ask Jesus to show you. His revelation is amazing and how and when he reveals things still astounds me! Carrying those things out of my house never felt so good! Not only did I carry them out of my house, I let go of them in my mind and heart! I put the junk in the trash as well as my emotional baggage in the trash where they both belonged.

Are you reading carefully the words on these pages? Do you see what I’m getting at?

What are you holding on tightly to this day? Is it hindering your future? Are you stuck? Is it hurting you or others? Let go!! I promise you there is something better for you to hold on to and it won’t hinder or hurt you! In fact, it will set you free! It is Jesus’ best for you! He doesn’t want us to live amongst our emotional baggage and junk in this life. He wants us to live free in heart, mind, and soul! He will meet you where you are! Let go and give Him what you hold tightly to – He can handle it, you can’t. He has something new for you!

Let go and be free!!

In love and freedom,


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Love you lady! Let go. ❤


Elizabeth, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I’m at that point also. It’s been 4 1/2 years since my divorce was finalized & I’m feeling like the Lord wants me to let go of the past. It’s just been very hard. So many reminders.

Merry Christmas 🎄💓

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