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What Are you Giving the Enemy?

Hello everyone!

Oklahoma City just went through a Fall ice storm. We’ve never had one like this in October before – 2020 is not boring, that’s for sure! We are now thawing out as I pen this blog. I’ve worked productively at home for the last 2 days. I am ready to get back at it in the office!

Today’s blog is for a Christian audience although I hope any non-Christians who read it or anyone curious for that matter will also learn from it. I want to ask you a question. What are you giving to the Enemy? By “Enemy” I mean Satan once known as Lucifer (a name he has forgotten and betrayed), the only fallen archangel (Luke 10:18). He is un-redemptive and un-repentant. He has betrayed his created purpose and seeks to have humans betray themselves and their created purpose as well. He is behind why we have evil in the world and he is the father of all lies (John 8:44b). No, you can’t see him, but you can see the effects of his influence all over this world in violence, war, crime, racism, terrorism, sex trafficking, etc. – the list goes on.

What are you giving to this fallen one that actually belongs to you? For those of you who may not be Christians or have any particular religious beliefs you may be asking yourself, “how can I give something to a being I can’t see or don’t believe in?” It’s quite simple actually. It begins with your (our) thoughts. Have you ever had a thought you can’t explain but it’s just there, a negative or horrific thought? The thought invades and takes over just long enough for you to notice. In fact, it seems to scream at you. Now here’s where we have a choice. We can give into the thought and go with it and hurt ourselves or someone else or we can dismiss it and choose to do the opposite. In other words, we can pick up intrusive thoughts that come from Satan and play with them, or we can toss them out of the court so to speak. When we choose to run with a negative or horrific thought, we have given our mind (even if just a little) to Satan, whether we believe we have or not. If we do that long enough, we give him other things as well – like our identities and our hearts and before long we don’t know who we are anymore. I know this may sound far-fetched to some of you but I have lived it!

I allowed Satan to plant lies about my worth when I was a young teenager. I did not believe nor recognize these were lies. They settled deep in my heart and began to grow roots. They shaped how I not only saw myself but others. Granted, I was not what you called “possessed” but I was shaped by these lies for many years, yes, even as a Christian (we can be lied to and hurt too and don’t let anyone tell you different). In effect, I gave my identity over to these lies and lost who I was to others. I was so shaped by them I became a people-pleaser, allowed people – particularly men, in my life I had no business with (who were shaped by his lies as well) and I gained and lost weight so much it’s a wonder I haven’t done permanent damage to my body and organs. I gave my identity to lies and I would eventually give my body to them too. Although I was free to make my choices and Jesus still loved me, Satan, the father of lies was behind the pain deep in my heart. He doesn’t have to do much once lies take hold. He simply presents us with choices that line up with the lies we have believed about ourselves.

Do you see where I’m coming from now? You don’t have to commit repetitive crime or do horrible things to have given parts of yourself to his lies. Trust me, he will take what he can get, even if he can’t have all of you or doesn’t own you. Those who engage in great evil have given themselves to him fully, and this breaks my heart for them, for Jesus did not want it to be so for anyone He created. What are you giving to the Enemy without even knowing it? Your mind, your will, your rationale, your time, your body and soul? Did you know that Jesus has made a way for you to take those things back? This is why he died for the world over 2,000 years ago so we would have a way back – so he could redeem and restore us, so he could break the power of the Enemy once and for all over all of us! He did just that when he took the crown of thorns, the stripes, the spear, and the nails for the world (John 3:16) – for you and me! On the third day, he rose again and the power of lies, sin (hurt/pain), Satan, and death were broken once and for all (Luke 24:1-6 and Romans 6:1-11)! We get to take everything back because of Jesus – no matter what we have given to the Enemy, we can reclaim it! We are human beings capable of redemption and change!

I reclaimed my identity and my purpose. I healed from the hurt and pain that stole from me. What do you need to reclaim? Take back what you gave the Enemy and take back what he stole from you (we give a little and he’ll take a lot)! Jesus made a way! Go get what is yours in Jesus’ name!



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