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America’s Multiple False "Gospels": Part 2 of 3

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hello everyone! I believe it is most fitting to continue this conversation after Easter. Easter is the summation of the one true gospel. Love has already won! The King has come to pull every root of every false gospel in America and throw it into the fire! I will continue this short blog series today by delving into two of the last remaining four false gospels who will succumb to this fire. I will cover the last and most heinous, in Part 3.

The “Gospel” of Politics

The “gospel” of politics is false gospel. Jesus was not a political figure. I will say it again for those in the back; Jesus was not and is not a political figure. The Jews of the new testament sought an earthly king to free them from Roman oppression – just look at how they hailed him (Matthew 21:5-11). You will also notice he dealt almost immediately with another political group upon entering the temple after his entry into Jerusalem; the pharisees; the Jewish religious leaders, who had allowed buying and selling in the temple to take advantage of the poor (Matthew 21:12-13 and John 2:14-19). Before his crucifixion, the pharisees tried to trick Jesus with a political question regarding money and taxes. He responded by asking them whose picture was on the coin and simply saying, “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and until God what belongs to God.” (Mark 12:14-17) He would not be tricked because he knew their hearts. These same religious-political leaders would lie about Jesus to the Romans and turn him over to Pilate to be crucified (Matthew 27:1). They chose politics over the King. Pilate, the consummate politician, found no fault in him, but wanted to save his own skin with Rome, so he had Jesus killed (Matthew 27:11-55). Pilate chose politics over what was just. And the Romans, their empire was simply the backdrop to accomplish the plans and purposes of God. Their political power was simply allowed to fulfill prophecy (Matthew 11:35). The Romans were in essence a necessary means to an end – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that would split time and change not only the course of human history but the way we related to God. A higher order and thought process was at work here, unlike politics.

I want to stop and say here I have no ill will towards these pharisees nor the Romans. People do what they have revelation to do, or do what they have been deceived into doing. They were not the enemy and I know this because he died for them too. I say all this to say, Jesus did not take political sides. He was neither a pawn for Caesar, nor a pawn for the religious leaders of the day. We can extrapolate that to today in America. He will neither be a pawn for the conservative Right nor a pawn for the liberal Left nor everyone in between or on the fringes. Any group or person that attempts to marry Jesus to a political agenda is deceived and entertaining their demise. They are purporting a false gospel as well. Can Jesus use current political structures to accomplish his purposes? Yes, he did that with the Roman empire, without them even being aware of it. Will he align himself with anything other than what he taught in the four gospels of the Bible? No, he will not. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you and they are flirting with evil. Do not be deceived by silver tongues and promises of power. They have all show and no stay – just look at the Roman empire as your example. What’s left of it? Some worn statues, worn structures, some philosophy, and mostly just history. Earthly political kingdoms rise and fall. The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, political or otherwise, and it will last forever.

The “Gospel” of White Supremacy

The “gospel” of White Supremacy is a false and dangerous gospel. Four hundred years of these evil roots have taken their obvious toll on America. Not only does it sicken me, it goes against everything the true gospel of Jesus stands for – starting with the way it devalues fellow human, God-image bearers of any race, creed, or sex; this includes those it ensnares. It mixes Christian symbolism, pagan symbolism, and Nazi symbolism in a sordid, disgusting, quagmire of depraved philosophy that is all hate and no love. For anyone reading this that is Christian or non-Christian, that should raise the hair on the back of your neck. Evil doesn’t change much and it hijacks a lot of things that don’t belong to it. This isn’t the first time Jesus or Christian symbolism has been used to justify this type of evil. Take a look at the Crusades in the middle ages. Jesus and Christian symbolism were used to justify the killing of many innocent people then. The Crusades had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with power and resources.

Have you ever noticed anyone ascribing to white supremacist beliefs also wears around Christian symbols in our modern era as well? This false “gospel” has been bold enough to root itself in our churches (also called “Christian” nationalism) and influence our pastors, teachers, and congregates alike. The church has been ill equipped to deal with this and is learning a hard lesson about the deception and danger this brings into the church. See the recent SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) debacles and the rise and fall of pastors like Jerry Falwell Jr., Greg Locke, and others if you don’t believe me. This false “gospel” within a false “gospel” has undermined the teachings of Jesus and replaced them with lust for power over others.

In America, White Supremacy has done this quite well, until now. The tide is turning. The real King has come to America – the one Who the true gospel of Christ represents. He is uprooting every trace of this evil in his church and outside of his church and, he is throwing it in the fire! He is exposing this underbelly that has been comfortable in his church and this nation for far too long with a Light that it can’t contend with. I see freedom coming both to America and the church! I see change coming to America and the church! I see people being set free to be the image bearers they were meant to be both in his church and outside the church!

The King has indeed come! These false “gospels” can’t contend with him. If you remember nothing else, remember that! He is risen and He has come to right the wrongs of the “false” gospels and restore light and life to this nation and her people. We aren’t slaves to false gospels. We have overcome them because of the Lion and the Lamb! Rise America, your greatest time of healing is coming. Arise!

With love and truth,


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