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America’s Multiple False “Gospels”: Part 3 of 3

Hello everyone! I saved these two false “gospels” for last. They encompass many of the things I have already discussed. They are also the “big twin brothers” so to speak. They are the same, yet different. They, like the other false “gospels”, have the appearance of “truth” to sell themselves as “good and righteous”. Yet, they are full of death and destruction for all who walk in their ways.

Nations have risen and fallen because of these said “gospels.” Wars have been fought because of and between these said “gospels.” These counterfeits have been responsible for World War 2, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror and many of the issues we have seen both in our country and around the world in the last five years. Twenty-five percent of the world’s population lives under the weight of one of these counterfeits still today. For one, a reckoning has come; for the other, a reckoning still awaits.

Neither can escape the gaze nor reach of the King. Shall we begin?

The “Gospel” of Nazism

This “gospel” was born of a mad man, Adolf Hitler. A boy with a strange family upbringing grew into a man with a taste for revenge (Personal side note: I have no doubt Adolf Hitler was abused in some way growing up – this opened all kinds of doors to evil in his life and shaped how he viewed the world). Hitler wasn’t just any man nor another pretty face, he was a man with a silver tongue. Through impassioned speeches full of hate, and a little bit of truth about the situation Germany was facing post-World War I, Hitler convinced thousands of reasonable Germans to go along with him on his crusade to rule the world through war and murder. This false “gospel” brought us World War 2, famine across Europe, the Holocaust, and everything he mostly forgot to mention in those impassioned speeches. He was miserable and drug addicted most of the time he was in power in Germany (the numbing of deep, deep wounds). In the end, he was a man full of fear and completely broken who had also brought down his country. He died by suicide hiding from the Russian and American armies. He also convinced a beautiful young woman, a woman who had her whole life in front of her, a woman who could have walked away, to die with him too. A life and many lives wasted on a false, counterfeit “gospel”. Six million Jews murdered because Germany followed a false “gospel” and a false “messiah.” The false “gospel” of Nazism has brought so much death and pain in this world and continues to do so. Look at the toll Nazism has exacted on modern America in the last few years. It has no central face in modern America nor the world, but we have seen its many competing faces these last few years. “Competing faces” is a nice way of putting that for you. In reality, Nazism and those “competing faces” would like nothing better than to see the death of America. The death of America is the death of freedom and Nazism thrives where there is no freedom. You will see this same similarity when I discuss Nazism’s opposite twin, Communism. Stay with me.

The “Gospel” of Communism

I have so many things I want to say about this counterfeit twin. As I thought about this blog, I wasn’t even sure where to start with this -ism so let’s start from the beginning.

Russia, 1917, the Bolsheviks and Vladimir Lenin take power (Personal note: I truly believe that like Hitler, Lenin and the men after him were abused or neglected in some form as children and this not only opened the door to evil but it shaped how they viewed the world). The royal family and ruling class, who had consistently treated the rest of the people poorly are executed not long after this time. Royal household items and all property are seized by the now ruling Communist Party. The problem is, they didn’t stop there. They seized everything from everyone, violently if necessary. The Communist Party under Lenin would begin to manufacture new history, new identity, and a new religion if you will, a new false “gospel”. If you look at old Communist era paintings and propaganda, well into Stalin’s time, they would reinvent themselves has “saviors”, “messiahs”, and gods from 1920 to well after World War 2 -not too different from Hitler really. Hitler, however, was less volatile than his Soviet counterparts who were known for their fits of rage, unpredictability, and iron wills. The Communist party created a well-oiled, centralized, “machine” of daily life for the Russian people and many others they would assimilate in years to come. The catch is you had no say in that “machine” nor in your daily life. You did what you were told, when you were told, where you were told, or you died or disappeared. In essence, they created a false sense of peace both inside their party and outside of it. Their major party leaders would be continually ousted by competitors or have sudden and unexplained deaths. A false peace is no peace.

That false peace ended with the outside world when Hitler (the philosophical opposite twin) attacked Russia in the summer of 1941. You see, this armistice was just as much part of the Communist false peace as it had been Hitler’s Nazi false peace with Russia. There would never be peace where two diabolically opposed philosophies wanted dominion (a discussion for another time). We have discussed and seen what Nazism has done in America in modern times. Look to China to see what Communism is doing to the Chinese in modern times. The Uyghur people are persecuted in China under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for being Muslim and having, heaven forward, another god before the party as are Christians, who have been mostly driven underground except for carefully controlled state churches as was the case in Russia. Re-education camps are still a thing in China. State run media and carefully controlled speech are still a thing in China. Taiwan and Hong Kong are under threat because of the CCP. This false “gospel” has been militarily posturing as well – just read the headlines. Their appetite is voracious. This counterfeit thrives as does its philosophical opposite where there is no freedom. If you remember, it was the NSM (National Socialist Movement) in 2016 here in America, that upon attempting to rebrand itself by removing the swastika, changing uniform color, and calling itself a “white civil rights movement” (e.g., putting a lot of lipstick and big red bow on that pig) actually stated that they were the best of the radical right and radical left – meaning they were the best of the Nazis and the Communists. That also translates between the lines to “we don’t like your freedoms and don’t think you should have them.” Two counterfeits actually saying they were the same? I find this incredibly incriminating and rather telling of motive.

Don’t you also find it interesting that these two counterfeits bring the same thing upon the earth? Yet, they argue that one is better or worse than the other? All I see is war, famine, concentration camps, re-education camps, control, manipulation, and death. They are still bringing the same things upon the earth. The pigs are still desperately trying to dress themselves up and put on their makeup and bows. The fact remains they are still pigs, counterfeits and false “gospels.” They are also really bad liars!

So, I’ve told you what you may already know you say, so now what? Is there any hope? I may bake your noodle with my answer. Stay with me. I’m going to say something that may just make your head explode. If Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping or anyone like them at any time, chose to repent and turn from what he or she was doing, Jesus would receive them and heal him! This also includes any of their henchmen as well as current Nazis or Communists. Yes, your head probably just exploded. How can I say such a thing? I can say it because it is true. The King will make a way out for those who want it, yes, even for a Nazi and Communist. I want anyone reading this, any Nazi or Communist or anyone on that continuum who is following these counterfeits to think on my words. You have a way out. All you have to do is take it. I can’t promise you ease, but I can tell you that you will be free. What say you? Which do you prefer, death or life? A false “messiah” or a true King? Think on my words.

I opened this blog with this statement and I will close with it here; neither of these false “gospels” can escape the gaze nor reach of the King. The King has come to tear them down and throw their roots into the fire, every last one! The King won a long time ago. His love won for all of us! No false “gospel” or counterfeit will stand. Eyes wide open!



John 3:16 AMP; For God so (greatly) loved and dearly prized the world that He gave His One and only Son so that whosoever (Nazi, Communist, or whomever) believes and trusts in Him (as Savior and true Messiah) shall not perish, but have eternal (everlasting) life.

John 8:36 NIV; He (or she) whom the Son sets you free, is free indeed!

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