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Beware of Fake Jesus

Hello readers! I know I have been promising this blog for over a week now. If only COVID-19 would hit pause! In all honestly, this pandemic has revealed the character of many people as well as the issues we still have not dealt with as a country. I want to focus on one such issue today and that is the issue of the fake Jesus in our society and communities.

(FYI, I will be writing about the George Floyd incident and America’s issue with systemic racism – I need some more time to think and pray on these words. I have already previewed a bit of what I will say on my social media accounts if you follow them. Message me for social media accounts or check out my website at

Now on to the issue of fake Jesus. What is a fake Jesus you ask? A fake Jesus is anyone or any philosophy that looks like Jesus on the outside (bears a cross, carries a Bible, uses all the “right religious words”, looks like nothing is out of place) but the attitude, motive, and demeanor of said person or philosophy is mean-spirited, judgmental, or down right evil. Racist groups who carry American flags, crosses and maybe even quote Biblical scripture, yet spew hatred of fellow Americans or others around the world are an excellent example of this concept. Westboro Baptist Church is another good example of a fake Jesus. Evil knows the Bible and it knows all the symbols and it hides behind them well. However, it cannot hide its attitude or its words. It can only appear as Light; it cannot act like Light. In fact, as the last several years have taught us, it is their words and attitudes that find them out.

Fake Jesus is seen in a person who has a judgmental attitude, feels themselves better than others, uses the same symbols and scripture but spews the same hatred, and/or follows law-based philosophy mentality. Not all person who follow law-based philosophy or mentality are racist, but usually all person who ascribe to racism also ascribe to law-based philosophy or mentality. They have a punishment mindset which is very unique to them. The real Jesus was not about punishment, condemnation, and hate. He was and still is about healing, redemption, love, gentle correction, peace, and joy. You will find none of those characteristics in a fake Jesus.

Do you see what I am getting at? Do you see the difference?

During this time (and even after the pandemic), look at what people are saying to you and what they are doing (what fruit are they producing?). What is their motive? What is the motive of their philosophy? What is the foundation of their beliefs? Is love mentioned at all? Do they have one way of thinking about something and one way only and all other ways are wrong? Is punishment or fighting a major theme in their arguments? If you can answer these questions, you can spot a fake Jesus a mile away. You will also know when someone is talking about the real Jesus and if they represent Him.

I love all of you and I want you to know the real Jesus. I want you to know how much He loves you and how much He wants to know you on a personal level. He is interested in your freedom, your good, and your healing. He accepts you as you are. Beware of fake Jesus and get to know the real One!



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