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Tearing Down My Foolishness and Awakening to the Power of the Living God and So Much More

Hello everyone! I had a totally different blog planned to release today but Jesus has a way of changing that, all the time. Today, I must share a revelation I had with you! It is imperative that I do because I don't know how many people are walking around with the same foolish ideas, walking around in arrogance, and missing out on the true power of the living God. They are still “sleeping” so to speak. I know I was until today! I have been shaken and awakened from slumber once again! This is the 4th time in 7 years. The Lord is indeed good! He awoke me to the evil I must fight and face without fear through the power of words and actions when needed. He awoke me to the hurt I was holding onto and the lies I was believing! He awoke me to my identity in Him and Him alone. And today, He awoke in me not only the understanding of the true power of the living God, but he awoke me to pride and the lies that fed said pride.

I'll start from the beginning. Six years ago, I was reading an article about the worst child abuse case in California history that took place in the 1970s. The article had been written by the victim who had overcome so many obstacles to function in society and was now telling his story in a book as well. As I read the article, the Lord spoke to me in my heart and he said, “There is no darkness I can't go into and no darkness I can't penetrate with My Light.” For those of you reading this who are not be Christians or who are skeptical about God talking to people, I am here to tell you your intuition is God talking to you so He talks to you too and that makes none of us crazy.

After finishing the article, I simply thought that Jesus was talking to me about the article and it did make sense. After all, Jesus was the man in white who walked through the walls to visit and comfort the young child for many years in his mother's home-made dungeon. I knew in my heart it was Jesus from the author's description. I, however, had nothing practical in my own life to relate that to so I tucked it away and moved on with life. Fast forward 6 years to October 2nd , 2021 at 6 pm at Earl's Barbecue in Oklahoma City. I am sitting with my friend who we'll call Kat. Kat and I had met up for an early dinner an hour or so before and were talking about life, where we'd come from, loving people, and how Jesus was working in our lives. Kat had walked in drug addiction and had a very turbulent childhood. As I'm listening, she paused. She looked me square in the eye and said, “I used and sold drugs...I helped traffic drugs for so and so as well and was involved with some very bad people.” When she said that, the memory of reading that article and what Jesus had told me came rushing back to me instantaneously! It clicked! The practical application for “there is no darkness I can't go into and no darkness I can't penetrate with My Light” was sitting right in front of me in the form of a real person, my friend Kat. It was no longer ethereal anymore. It wasn't about someone I didn't really know or someone I read about. It was about Kat, someone I did know and respect. It was about someone sitting across from me that loved Jesus with all her heart! I stopped her immediately and I told her something just clicked as it came rushing back to my memory. I told her about the article and about what Jesus had said to me. I told her I had nothing and no one to relate that to until now. I was sitting across from someone who could not only relate to it but was set free because Jesus had entered her darkness and brought her out of it! A former drug trafficker people (in fact I have sat across from two to this date, one today and one who did not want to tell me until recently)! Someone who had hurt a lot of people. Her past didn't matter to Jesus. He still set her free and she was sitting across from me full of so much life! I burst into tears. I told her I was crying not only because of the revelation of the power of the Living God, but because I had realized in that moment that my thought processes along certain lines had been frankly, quite arrogant. Another switch was flipped in my heart and the Light and Power was on!

To give you a little background, Elizabeth's thought process for many years where certain sins/crimes was concerned were very simple (in fact too simple and very law-based not grace-based). If you committed certain sins/crimes like trafficking of any kind or were a psychopath, a sociopath, rapist, a Nazi, a Communist, a warlord, a terrorist, or even a child molester, God could not and did not love you like he loved me (He never said that). You were just too bad (mind you I never took into consideration their trauma or what someone had done to them and the fact that they did not know what love was). If your sin/crime was that bad, God could not set you free like he could set others free (He never said that either). It just wasn't possible (Didn't Jesus say all things are possible with God in Matthew 19:26?) because you were too far gone and too bad, and He just didn't love you like He loved me anyway so that was just not going to happen. You had no hope. In fact, I believed you deserved to be locked away forever or to be dead. I believed you were incapable of saving and therefore got whatever you deserved when it came your way. You are probably thinking “play God much?” or “she could win the arrogant award of the year.” I don't blame you if you are. Bare with me, I had believed lies. Lies will make you arrogant, proud, and puffed up. Lies will also help you justify ignoring the Bible and seeing things your own way.

The other reason I was sitting in the booth crying was because I had been so foolish, so arrogant and so very wrong and it hurt my heart! A former drug trafficker was sitting right across from me so my trumped up thoughts on that “sin” were dead wrong! If I was right, she should be dead or serving a long prison sentence; not saved and full of life and sharing that life with others. I am so glad I was wrong! I asked my sweet friend for forgiveness where my thinking was concerned. She was very gracious! I asked Jesus for forgiveness on the way home. Who was I to determine who He could love, save, set free, and heal? Who did I think I was? Him? If I was wrong about her, I was absolutely wrong about the others too! I thanked Him for continuing to tear down my foolishness and self-made ideas. I want to be clear, none of what I had believed before was in the Bible anywhere in any form, shape, or fashion. No matter how bad the sin/crime is, Jesus loves those people and He can set them free and heal them if they want that (John 3:16-17). When He said Whosoever, He meant Whosoever – not whosoever we in Christendom (or personally or otherwise) deem worthy. None of us are worthy without Him so there is no argument there to be had. Ladies and gentlemen, this practical revelation today changes everything for me! Everything!

I am here to tell you that Elizabeth is fully awake, dangerous and wise to the lies of evil, and armed with the Word and Revelation power. And the gates of Hell will not prevail against me and many others! Get ready! The time of the Fallen grows short. There is hope for the worst of the worst in Jesus Christ. You are not beyond the reach of the King! He sees you and He sees the why. He beckons to you. Turn from the darkness!

He calls, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened (with evil), and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your (weary and hurting) souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (adapted from Matthew 11:28-30, NIV)

With revelation love,


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