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Where is Your Headspace?

Hello everyone! I know it’s been two weeks since I last wrote a blog. This pandemic keeps us busy in pubic health. I long for the day when I can return to more regular writing and publish a poetry book with a friend. Until then, I do what I must for the good of all.

Today’s blog has been marinating for some time. Now more than ever, we must be keenly aware of where our headspace is in regards to our social and political times. We also must be aware of where we are in our relationships with others and how our thoughts and feelings affect those relationships. There are many voices vying for our attention these days and not all of them are good. So, the question is, where is your headspace?

I am sitting by the pool as I write this to you today. It is peaceful, the water is clear and the breeze light. My headspace is in a good place. I am at peace, no matter what. Last week, that was not necessarily the case. Work pulled me in many directions. Social media was on fire. And Christendom? Well Christendom was experiencing another scandal brought on by lack of accountability, unchecked power, abuse, and sex addiction among other things – all things that humility, repentance, and the King could have healed long ago if people would let Him. I was indeed saddened and angry, saddened with people’s choices and angry at the callousness, selfishness, and one-sided rhetoric of those who claim to care. I was for all intents and purposes done with it all. I was done peopling as they say. I even had a frightening thought, “burn it all down and let’s rebuild it.” I wrote nothing and said very little unless it was absolutely necessary. I am learning to be quiet when my headspace is in the wrong place.

In the middle of that bad headspace and intense discouragement of last week, The King spoke. He has a unique way of centering us and silencing the noise in our heads. He reminded me that His dominion was coming in this country and for that to happen, things must be upset. The Strongman will be brought down. He reminded me that what and who I choose to concentrate on and glorify determines my headspace about others and situations. I can choose to concentrate on and glorify peoples’ and organizations’ failures and short-sighted political ideologies, or I can choose to concentrate on and glorify the King in my daily life, work and relationships. I choose the latter. Besides, the King always wins and He wins for everyone involved, not just the few who think He is one their “side.” I have news for you (and Christendom hear me loud and clear), the only side He is on is His side (Joshua 5:13-14).

What does this mean for me and you? First let me comment on what it does not mean. It does not mean we stay silent when people are lying. It does not mean we stay silent when people act unjustly or support injustice. It does not mean we stay silent in the face of evil, for evil thrives in silence. What is does mean is this; we get to determine who owns our headspace. We get to determine what we concentrate on and glorify. We get to choose our thoughts and we get to choose how we treat others – no person, political party, social media personality, pastor (or wannabe pastor), leader (or wannabe leader), nor short sighted political ideology gets to choose for us – and it’s time we showed them so. It’s time we broke free of their prisons! A free-thinking people does not allow themselves to be manipulated nor controlled. Afterall, it is the King who gave us such freedom. It is the King who longs for us to live in freedom with one another. And in that freedom, He also brings justice, with love, truth, and compassion. Is that true of other things we allow to occupy our headspace? It was not true of what was occupying my headspace last week. I refuse to let evil, confusion, and lies occupy my thoughts in any form any longer. They do not have permission to visit or occupy my headspace.

So, what does that mean for how I or even you move forward? It means I will stop following some people and/or engaging with them on social media (I can’t fix nor change people; they have to want that). It means news outlets will get very little of my viewing time. It means I will keep scrolling and not give some things the time of a comment or the slightest acknowledgement. It means I will confront evil, lies and frauds; I am not afraid to do so. It means I will practice the pause, be kind, and speak with the King if I am unsure as to the motive or intents of the heart of a person or their words – this includes our politicians. The King knows the thoughts and intents of the hearts of men and women. The King will tell me the truth about such things, for He longs for all men and women to know Him and be free. And lastly, it means I will pray for this nation’s healing and that of its people; I will even pray for those who are lost and those who I don’t agree with. And lastly, I will choose to be a voice of justice, love, truth, compassion; and one who speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves.

What will you do with your headspace? Who will have control over your thoughts, feelings or even your words? Will you be a slave or will you be free? The choice is yours just as the choice was mine. Choose wisely.



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Thank you! And thank you for your comment! ❤ God bless you!

Gefällt mir

What an absolutely PROMISING and EXCELLENT post. I'm sharing and saving. And, I'm making sure your site is up front and easily accessible.

Gefällt mir
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